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Carbon Credentials

It’s all down to our design philosophy. Innovation, sustainability and end-of-life planning is considered at every stage of the development process.  And it doesn’t compromise quality. In fact our customers use our fibre and high-frequency copper data connectivity systems and cables in some of the most advanced and demanding applications in the world.

10GPlus zone cable

By revisiting the design we have improved the carbon footprint of our zone cable by 25%. The slim diameter is particularly useful for Data Centres, improving airflow around cabling and racks for better cooling and reduced energy consumption.

Optical fibre cables

We have designed a new generation of optical fibre cables that achieve a 21% carbon footprint reduction against the industry standard. By removing unnecessary aluminium tape customers can use cables that are leaner, greener and far more flexible.

Optimising reels

After reducing cable reel diameters from 18” to 16”,  we have doubled the number that can be transported on a shipping pallet.  That means more products can be shipped per delivery, reducing journeys and the carbon emissions associated with them.

Product packaging

Our cable boxes are now fully recyclable. To get there we started working with non-bleached cardboard and replaced a plastic inset with a recycled pulp alternative. The result is a 13% drop in packaging-associated emissions. We have also optimised packing density, removing ‘empty space’ to improve transport efficiency.

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