Robust and reliable network infrastructure for education and academic research

Schools, colleges and universities have changed as a direct result of innovative computer technology. Students of today are more likely to find themselves in front of a computer screen rather than a blackboard.  As educational tools continue to change, so does the nature of learning and the acquisition of knowledge.

Today’s educational establishments prepare students for a world of high technology communications where IT networks will play a role in almost everything they do. Students are immersed in complex computer programming and applications from a very young age. When they leave school or further education, most graduates are ready and able to use these skills to help improve the effectiveness and competitiveness of the work place.

Technology also plays a significant part in today’s teaching methods. Mobile classrooms, multimedia teaching material and networks interconnecting local education establishments many miles apart, all create a demand for very sophisticated data networks.

Education is a market sector where high performance networking is essential.

Brand-Rex has the knowledge, experience and solutions to support the most sophisticated and ambitious data network. Whether it is high speed, robust connectivity within the class room or lecture theatre or a campus fibre network ring – Brand-Rex solutions deliver a capability to support the needs of today and tomorrow.