Financial Services

Superior performance solutions to support demands of the financial sector.

Trading, banking and the many other businesses and services in the financial sector have always been aggressive users of ICT. Eagerly deploying the latest technologies to reduce risk, ensure availability and to decrease latency.

ICT departments are under constant pressure to drive business efficiency, lower operational costs and to roll out new ICT-based services on an ever more rapid basis. But in today’s global economic climate, the ICT department is required to do all this on a reduced ICT budget.

In retail financial services, the phenomenal uptake of mobile banking and mobile payments by the ‘always on’ generation of customers is vastly increasing the strain on data centres and the network, day and night.

Meanwhile there is the need to increase customer intimacy and improve customer experience.  The increased use of customer kiosks and the general trend to video-based customer communication are also driving network traffic and the need for ever more reliance on the network’s error-free operation 24x7, 365 days a year.

High availability ICT is key to all of these strategies to increase competitiveness, increase loyalty, reduce churn and achieve higher cross-sales.

In the data centre too, non-stop algorithm-based trading demands total availability and extremely low latency – as does the conventional trading floor.  However right-sizing and best-fit-technology, in front and back offices, can lead to significant budget savings.

As an ICT professional in the financial sector, whether your requirement is for front office, back office, trading floor or data centre – your best option is to work with a network infrastructure provider with top-tier products and unrivalled R&D credentials.  One with a long track record of meeting the technical and operational network infrastructure needs of financial institutions around the world.