Retail, in its many forms, is already one of the most ICT intensive of all market sectors, but it is about to see even greater transformations from further technological advances.  Digital displays are being developed, conventional signage is rapidly being replaced with IP based digital signage and staff are increasingly being equipped with Press-To-Talk IP-radio terminals with integrated barcode/RFID scanners.

RFID tagging has taken time to come to economic fruition, but is now poised to revolutionise inventory management and the customer experience. RFID-enabled shelves, rails, kiosks and even fitting-room mirrors will enable sales-assistants and customers to instantly check item stock.

The challenge of all these changes is to provide intelligent devices with the highly reliable communications on which they rely for their operation.  Meanwhile, convergence of IP-based CCTV cameras, security, access control and building management systems onto the same IP network that is already running Point-of-Sale, tills and EFTPoS systems and VoIP phones takes away the need for expensive multiple cabling networks.  More than this, it also allows integration and communication between these previously isolated systems.

As an ICT professional in the retail sector, whether your requirement is in store, warehouse, logistics centre or data centre – your best option is to work with a network cabling provider with top-tier products and leading R&D credentials.

Brand-Rex has provided flexible high-reliability infrastructure solutions to hundreds of retail outlets, shopping malls, warehouse and logistics facilities around the world as well as the data centres that power them and their e-commerce services. Brand-Rex has no technology preference other than helping you to make the selection that provides the best technical and economic solution to your project's unique and specific needs.