Pre-Terminated Fibre Systems

Our new Data Centre Factory provides data centre managers with bespoke network infrastructure products, including pre-terminated cabling and cassette solutions. These make-to-order products reduce labour expenses and provide a guaranteed performance for faster network deployments in the most demanding data centre network environments, backed by the best service in the industry.

We've made building the exact solution for a network quicker and easier than ever. Rely on our innovative online custom configurators to specify the exact requirements for your pre-terminated fibre trunks, array cords, and harnesses, as well as HDX, HI-DEX and e2XHD cassettes.

  • Quick order turnaround and fast delivery with UK-manufacturing
  • Guaranteed high performance with pre-tested Factory terminations
  • Reduce onsite labour for field terminations and testing
  • Speed network deployment to get new equipment online faster and minimise downtime
  • Less wasted material and easier jobsite clean-up

Leviton adheres to the guidance provided by Europacable on CPR, and their recommendations can be found at:

For LSHF/LSZH cable assemblies intended to be permanently fixed within a building today or in the future, the CPR classification, for the cable part of the assembly ONLY, is provided within the overall product label for all solid conductor Copper and Fibre solutions manufactured by Leviton.


For project installations requiring LSHF/LSZH/CPR-rated cabling, select a product below »
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