Design Engineering

Brand-Rex designs, develops and manufactures innovative solutions for the network infrastructure cabling market.  Our solutions are created by an experienced team of design engineers, who pride themselves on delivering exceptional quality and performance.

Our range of high performance cables and connectors are designed together to offer maximum compatibility when utilised together, thus resulting in an industry leading transmission line performance providing customers with additional headroom and a robust, high performance system.

Brand-Rex is committed to offering better by design, product solutions.   A number of engineering tools are used in this process, including:

Simulation Methods

High Frequency, DC and thermal modelling software is used to:

  • Examine product performance when in transmission mode and under load conditions
  • Simulate product performance
  • Speed development timescales
  • Enhance product designs

A powerful 3D CAD modelling software suite is used to design products, envisage solutions and check fit and function on a model basis.  These tools allow potential problems to be resolved early in the development cycle.

The software suite also includes Finite Element Analysis (FEA), which enables stress modelling and allows early resolution and avoidance of possible strength, fracture or fatigue faults.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

CFD models modified for HF transmission modelling are used to design transmission line components, enabling designers to realise solutions on screen as they work to improve the transmission performance of products.

Proprietary CFD software is also used to model airflows and cooling in data centres to illustrate the cooling and efficiency benefits of managed spaces and cable pathways.

In-house rapid prototyping facilities in a dedicated model shop are also used to enable development phase solutions to be quickly realised.

Legislative Compliance

Indoor cabling requires IEC60332-1-2 compliance as a legal requirement.

Brand-Rex has both internal capability and external 3rd Party verification houses to ensure that our cables are regularly checked and verified.