Brand-Rex has long been known for its high quality manufacturing capabilities. The recent investment program has taken this capability to a new dimension.

Brand-Rex has a heritage in cable manufacture. This in-house expertise in cable design, development and production demonstrates an expertise in a fundamental technology that only a few companies fully understand.

Whilst cable production in Europe has diminished in recent years, as some manufacturers have moved to Asia, Brand-Rex has declared a commitment to maintaining cable production within the UK. The benefits of having a manufacturing capability in the heart of Europe include:

  • Faster deliveries
  • Late customisation capabilities
  • More product variations

To enable the company to compete on the global stage, against manufacturers in lower cost countries, Brand-Rex has invested £10 million in the creation of a new data cabling factory at the Glenrothes site, with greatly increased output and efficiency. The investment program was completed in 2007 and the result is a factory that can rival any in the world.

This manufacturing facility and the ‘Speciality Cable’ plant at Leigh, near Manchester, both hold ISO 9001:2000 quality certification and environment accreditation to ISO:14000.